Bilingual Extension Information


@Teachers College, Columbia University

This post-master’s Advanced Certificate in bilingual speech-language pathology meets all the academic and clinical requirements for the NYSED bilingual extension to the TSSLD/TSHH. This Institute, directed by Dr. Cate Crowley, is available in either a weekend on-campus format or fully online. The 7-person faculty is composed of nationally known bilingual SLPs with both academic and clinical experience. Each participant is assigned a master clinician/mentor to support integrating learned content into current caseloads. Open only to speech-language providers.

BBSQ5820001 May to December. On-campus weekend institute. Six weekends in total.

Curriculum: bilingual/bicultural language development, sociolinguistics, and bilingual education; preschool assessment; school age assessment; preschool intervention; school age intervention including literacy development and for students with more intensive needs; ethical issues; bilingual neuroscience.

BBBSQ5820002/3 May through December. Online institute. 12 weeks for each of the two 3-credit courses. Similar content as the weekend institute.

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