License Reimbursement/Per Session

Last payout cycle was 1/15/2023

Steps to receive your NYS SLP License Reimbursement:

1.Enter your updated registration date into NYCAPS (

2. Then you will automatically be placed on the DOE list for reimbursement for the next payout date.

3. DOE reimburses up to 4x a year.

4. May take up to 6-8 months after your expiration date (NOT when you pay the state).

5. If you haven’t received payment after 8 months, send an email to [email protected] with your expiration date and file number.


Hello Saturday Academy Related Service Providers,

Overtime/Per Session payroll processing is underway.

If you have a new payroll inquiry that has not been previously submitted, please use the link below so your concern can be escalated. If you’ve been in communication with the Central Payroll team, your concern is actively being addressed.  


Saturday Academy Team