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@Teachers College, Columbia University

This post-master’s Advanced Certificate in bilingual speech-language pathology meets all the academic and clinical requirements for the NYSED bilingual extension to the TSSLD/TSHH. This Institute, directed by Dr. Cate Crowley, is available in either a weekend on-campus format or fully online. The 7-person faculty is composed of nationally known bilingual SLPs with both academic and clinical experience. Each participant is assigned a master clinician/mentor to support integrating learned content into current caseloads. Open only to speech-language providers.

BBSQ5820001 May to December. On-campus weekend institute. Six weekends in total.

Curriculum: bilingual/bicultural language development, sociolinguistics, and bilingual education; preschool assessment; school age assessment; preschool intervention; school age intervention including literacy development and for students with more intensive needs; ethical issues; bilingual neuroscience.

BBBSQ5820002/3 May through December. Online institute. 12 weeks for each of the two 3-credit courses. Similar content as the weekend institute.

For application to the program and significantly reduced tuition costs, and additional information see https://www.tc.columbia.edu/bilingual-institute/.



NEW DOE WEBSITE (replacing the padlet)


Upcoming District Tenure Workshops – click on to register

D75 – Nov 13th

D28 – Nov 13th

D32 – Nov 16th


November 2023 Chapter Meeting Slides

Nov 6, 13, 20 – Virtual Office Hours, 3-4:30pm https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86722523068pwd=QVdkNDJZRWJUMGpEUm9uL2x3aE5LQT09


Special Education Committee Compliance Training – possible dates your school is presenting

Nov 6th – in person during PD time

Nov 7th – live virtually via zoom

Try your best to attend one of those times. If unable you may view webinar.



Dear Colleague,

Please be advised that the 2023 Health Benefits Program Annual Transfer Period is now active and will run from November 1, 2023 through November 30, 2023

During the Transfer Period, eligible employees may: 

  • Change health benefits carrier (insurance company) 
  • Add/drop an optional rider to existing coverage 
  • Add/drop dependents (without a qualifying event) 

Changes made during the Transfer Period must be made online using EmployeeSelf-Service (ESS). Adding a dependent to your health benefits plan will require the submission of additional supporting documentation, which must be uploaded to the HR Connect Employee Portal by November 30, 2023. Please note you will need to first log in with your NYC Public Schools’ ID and password (the same credentials as your DOE Outlook Email) in order to access the HR Connect Employee Web Portal

All changes made during the Transfer Period will become effective in January 2024. 

For detailed information, including step-by-step guides, instructions for uploading supporting documentation, and FAQs, visit the HR Connect Employee Portal

Once you are logged in, review the following article: 

Additional resources can also be found on the Office of Labor Relations Website


HR Connect Health Benefits Administration 


From principals digest 10-17-23: Election is fully remote. It is a PD day (6 hours and 50 minutes).

The AT Expo is still in person 8-4pm on Nov 7th. Hands on and interactive.

Remote options for Nov 7th –

Mandate trainings (privacy, blood borne pathogen, sexual harassment, special education committee)

Beyond Access Forum

Webinars available on NYC DOE Speech Padlet, (second column)

Webinars/Tutorials on NYC DOE AT Padlet

PDs the city is offering (menu of PDs).


AIS/ Department

Literacy Department

You can also find your own websites such as ASHA, SpeechPathologyPD, etc.



Still getting clarification on this initiative as it was just brought to my attention by a member.

In the memo, it states members will be selected, you will attend a one day training and you will be expected to give up your self directed prep to plan with colleagues twice a month and create a presentation for the end of the year (Option A for observations)

This is voluntary, you should not be told you have to participate.

My biggest concern is that during negotiations we advocated for time to collaborate with teachers, especially when we have push-in (classroom based) therapy sessions. The DOE stated we have enough time in our schedule already.

As the Literacy Initiative they gave members a reduced caseload (2 sessions) or paid per session to collaborate with the teachers. I will be discussing this with DOE and recommend you ask this when a speech supervisor asks you if you want to participate.

We are advocating and trying so hard to negotiate time to complete all of our work, that if you are willing to give up your self directed prep time they will continue to say we have time to do everything within the workday.


Lending Library is now Open



Updated List of Supervisors D75 and D1-32 as of June 2023