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Classroom Based Initiative

Still getting clarification on this initiative as it was just brought to my attention by a member.

In the memo, it states members will be selected, you will attend a one day training and you will be expected to give up your self directed prep to plan with colleagues twice a month and create a presentation for the end of the year (Option A for observations)

This is voluntary, you should not be told you have to participate.

My biggest concern is that during negotiations we advocated for time to collaborate with teachers, especially when we have push-in (classroom based) therapy sessions. The DOE stated we have enough time in our schedule already.

As the Literacy Initiative they gave members a reduced caseload (2 sessions) or paid per session to collaborate with the teachers. I will be discussing this with DOE and recommend you ask this when a speech supervisor asks you if you want to participate.

We are advocating and trying so hard to negotiate time to complete all of our work, that if you are willing to give up your self directed prep time they will continue to say we have time to do everything within the workday.


REGISTER for the UFT Speech Survival Class


9-20-23 – Welcome, Roles and Responsibilities

9-27-23 – SOPM

10-5-23 – SESIS

10-12-23 – Lesson Plans, Observations

10-19-23 – Sabbaticals, Leaves, ILOD

10-26-23 – Tenure


From Principals Digest 9-12-12

2023–24 DOE Parking Permit Registration

School-based DOE parking permits expire on November 1. You should inform your CSA, UFT and DC 37 staff to apply for parking permits through the DOE’s parking permit application self-service portal beginning September 12 through October 4; note that the portal works best in Google Chrome. The following types of parking permits are available to staff in the above unions, if there are DOT-designated, on-street parking spaces at their school: 

  • On-Street (OS) Parking: CSA members 
  • On-Street General (OSG) Parking: UFT and DC 37 members 
  • Itinerant On-Street (OSI) Parking: CSA and UFT members 

Once your staff submits their applications through the portal, the DOE will deliver parking permits to your school by November 1. The DOE parking permits may only be distributed after you have collected the expired parking permits from your staff and given them to the custodian engineer of your building. You should note that On-Street (OS) and On-Street General (OSG) parking permits are school-specific (i.e., both the OS and OSG parking permits will specify the school name and the designated streets for parking); school-based staff who work at more than one school will be issued an Itinerant On-Street (OSI) permit to be used at assigned schools with available DOT-designated, street-parking spaces. You should also note that there will not be an increase in the number of parking spaces available at school sites as a result of issuing DOE parking permits. Therefore, all DOT-designated, street-parking spaces will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

SESIS Downtime

Due to system maintenance, SESIS will be unavailable at the following times:  

  • From 8:30 p.m. on September 15 until 5:00 a.m. on September 16, and  
  • From 8:00 p.m. on September 28 until 12:00 a.m. on September 29.  


Lending Library is now Open


Sept Speech Chapter Meeting


9-10-23 Working on:

  • Continuing to return the over 300 emails received since Wednesdays meeting
  • Advocating to get messaging out to principals regarding the 25 minutes in person for pilot workday schools
  • Will be meeting with DOE to receive guidance on how to enter the 55 remote minutes in our schedules.
  • Recap as on facebook some of the information from the meeting may have been misinterpreted:
    • All schools that are the pilot workday, 6 hours 20 minutes in the student school day with Monday PD and Tuesday OPW(or some configuration of this 100 minutes) and 55 minutes of remote parent engagement. This may be elementary, MS, HS or D75 schools. In these schools, speech providers will have 25 minutes in person before or after the school hours M-TH (instead of the PD/OPW) and 55 minutes remote for SESIS work. If you are a pilot workday MS/HS that has C6 periods you must choose a preference from the activity list. (Usually choose: Perform student assessment activities (including portfolios, performance tests, IEPs, ECLAS, etc.).
    • All schools that are 6 hours 50 minutes have the 155 minutes for SESIS work within the school day. If you have a C6 period that will be your SESIS time, if not (usually D75) you continue to put SESIS in your schedule like last year.


As per 8/29/23 Principal Digest: Labor Policy Guidance: 2023-24 Workday for UFT School Based Titles. Members in schools with the pilot workday schedule will begin the 25 minutes in person and the 55 minutes remote the week of Sept 11th.


School Schedules for 2023-2024: (I am working to get a newsletter sent out to all members)

The first two days of school (9/5 and 9/6) are PD days and you follow the same schedule as the rest of the staff (6 hours 50 min).

  • Single session school day remains 6 hours and 20 minutes. The new Pilot Workday for teachers and paraprofessionals reconfigured the 155 minutes into 60 minutes of  PD on Monday afternoon, 40 minutes of OPW on Tuesday afternoon. The remaining  55 minutes is for Parent Engagement which may be conducted remotely.
    • For Speech teachers the 155 minutes continue to be used for SESIS in single session schools. There will be 25 minute blocks Monday-Thursday. The 25 minutes can be scheduled immediately before the start of the school day or immediately after the end of the school day Monday-Thursday.   The remaining 55 minute can be scheduled remotely every week for SESIS work.  
    • as per UFT website: FAQ:
    • Can the 25 minutes that speech teachers do Mondays through Thursdays be done in the morning, as in prior years? Yes, they can be done in the morning or afternoon, no SBO needed.
    • In singe session schools Speech teachers will continue to participate in the  4 remote evening PTC conferences scheduled as per the calendar. 
  • Multi session schools will continue to have a 6-hour 50-minute day.
    • Speech teachers are scheduled a daily SESIS period instead of choosing a professional activity period( C6) from the menu.
    •  Speech teachers continue to participate in the two after school 40 minute grade/faculty conferences October-May.
    • As per the new contract,  In the months of October, January, February and April there will be  40 minutes of remote parent engagement instead of one of the 40 minute conferences. 
    • Speech teachers will continue to participate in the two remote evening parent teacher conferences as scheduled in the calendar. 
  • D75 school schedules have not changed.
  • Many SBOs have taken place, so if your school completed an SBO you will follow that schedule.
  • Any questions about your schedules email me at [email protected]. I will not answer any questions regarding schedules on facebook as each school and/or SBO is different. I will be reviewing all the emails already sent to me by the beginning of next week.


Updated List of Supervisors D75 and D1-32 as of June 2023



  1. CSET Coordinator Posting: Deadline to apply 6/9/2023.
  2. Chapter 683 Application: Deadline to apply 5/17/23. Dates: Staff Orientation and Professional Development: July 3 and July 5, 2023. Students in Attendance: July 6, 2023 – August 15, 2023, Hours: 8:00 to 2:30, inclusive of 30-minute unpaid lunch.
  3. ESY/Related Service Summer Posting, Summer 2023 Speech Application Deadline to apply 5/30/23. D1-32: Staff Orientation and Professional Development: June 29 and 30th. Students in Attendance: July 5-14, Hours: 8:10-2:40. PreK Center: Staff Orientation and Professional Development: June 29th. Students in Attendance: July 5-14, Hours: 8:10-2:40
  4. PRAC Posting: Deadline to apply 5/30/2023
  5. CAT Posting, CAT application: Deadline to apply 5/26/23. Make sure you open the application form with your DOE email.


School 2023-2024:

Sept 6th – First chapter meeting of the year – Virtual ONLY

Sept 9th – UFT Labor Day Parade, We’ll meet on East 45th Street between 5th and Vanderbilt avenues in Manhattan at 9 am and enjoy food and beverages as we await our 11 am step-off time. We’ll have a high school marching band, a DJ on the UFT’s float, and a double-decker bus, for our retirees who need to ride rather than walk. Click to Register

SPEECH SURVIVAL CLASS (Virtual) – Sept 20, 27, Oct 5, 12, 19, 26

Oct 4th – monthly chapter meeting -Hybrid

Oct 15th – Breast Cancer Awareness Walk – Queens and Manhattan

Oct 22nd – Breast Cancer Awareness Walk – Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island

Oct 29th – Teacher Union Day

Nov 1st – monthly chapter meeting -Hybrid

Dec 6th – monthly chapter meeting – In Person

Jan 3rd – monthly chapter meeting -Hybrid

Jan 10th – UFT Speech TENURE workshop – VIRTUAL

Feb 8th – monthly chapter meeting -Hybrid

March 6th – monthly chapter meeting -Hybrid

April 3rd – monthly chapter meeting -Hybrid

May 1st – monthly chapter meeting -VIRTUAL


June 5th – monthly chapter meeting – In Person ONLY/End of the year celebration

Speech Survival Class

Speech Survival Class

Tentative Fall 2023 Dates: Sept 20, 27, Oct 5, 12, 19, 26

Registration Link

The Speech Chapter of the UFT offers a “Speech Survival Class” for new speech teachers, for those who joined the Department of Education within the last three years or who are returning after a prolonged absence.  The syllabus covers topics that will help you to understand and manage your roles and responsibilities on the job.

Topics will include, but are not limited to, clinical/lesson planning, data collection, goal writing, assessment, IEPs, paperwork requirements, observations, ratings, tenure, the chancellor’s regulation and the DOE Standard Operating Procedure Manual. There will be time at each session to exchange ideas and discuss issues related to your program.  You will receive a certificate for the hours attended which can be part of your tenure portfolio.  There will be six classes which run from 4:00 until 6:00pm with the instructor, and two classes will be combined with the Speech Chapter meeting. You may join in person (52 Broadway) or virtually.  There will be a one-time registration fee of $55 which is due by the first class.  A registration link will be sent out the end of January.

SESIS Info/Newsletters

SESIS Info/Newsletters

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For training resources and to register for upcoming professional learning opportunities, visit the SESIS page on the NYC DOE InfoHub.


July 2023 SESIS Newsletter

Features and Fixes

  • Changes to student access for contract agencies and evaluator’s caseloads
  • SESIS displays staff members’ preferred name
  • SESIS calendars are updated for the 2023-2024 school term

June 2023 Newsletter

Features and Fixes

  • Updated the Preferred Written Language field on the student’s Profile
  • Updated the Assessment Planning page to list the required assessments for initial referrals

MAY 2023 SESIS Newsletter

April 2023 SESIS Newsletter:

Features and Fixes

  • Updates to the IEP when recommending School Nurse Services
  • Updates to the Nursing Referral Document 
  • Updates to the Nursing Referral Report

March 2023 SESIS Newsletter:

Features and Fixes

  • The student’s profile displays enrollment information for students registered in “A School Without Walls”
  • Added student caseload pagination and search field

February 2023 SESIS Newsletter:

Features and Fixes

  • All editable fields are available on prescheduled encounter attendance service records

January 2023 SESIS Newsletter:

Features and Fixes

  • Compensatory Services is displayed on the Prior Written Notice (PWN) for Placement document

December 2022 SESIS Newsletter:

Features and Fixes

  • Granted Charter School “Edit” access to the IEPs Coordinated Set of Transition Activities section
  • A Compensatory Services column is added to the Program Recommendations Report
  • Updated all SESIS translated documents to support gender neutral language

November 2022 SESIS Newsletter:

Features and Fixes

  • Updated all SESIS English version documents to support gender neutral language
  • SETSS-Indirect Service is no longer an option on the Encounter Attendance Service Record

October 2022 SESIS Newsletter:

Features and Fixes

  • Improved performance when requesting assistance in the Assessment Planning document
  • Updated the Provider Calendar Report

September SESIS Newsletter:

Features and Fixes

  • A new IEP section and report for Compensatory Services
  • Special Education Recovery Services (SERS) document is retired
  • Updates to Turning 5 students in SESIS
  • Encounter Attendance Service Record is updated with a new option: “Service Provided-Other” for Paraprofessionals
  • Certify Encounter Attendance Service Records on the same day for certain session types
  • New gender value on student’s profile
  • The pronouns in the IEP and IESP are now gender neutral
  • Updated Disability Classification
  • Discharged Students 21 & over in SESIS

August 2022 SESIS Newsletter:

Features and Fixes

  • Various documents are translated into the nine supported DOE languages
  • Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS)- Direct Services mandate displays as SETSS-D in the Encounter Attendance Service Record
  • Updated the Assistive Technology Evaluation Referral (D75) document
  • Access to 2022-23 Student Mandates Available in SESIS

July 2022 SESIS Newsletter:

Features and Fixes

  • Various documents are translated into the nine supported DOE languages
  • SESIS IEP data feed to ATS is updated
  • Assisted Technology Evaluation Referral (District 75) form is updated to include vision referrals
  • SESIS calendars are updated for the 2022-2023 school term
  • New Standard Report: Provider Calendar

June 2022 SESIS Newsletter:

Features and Fixes

  • Various documents are translated into the nine supported DOE languages
  • Access to 12–Month Summer Services Mandates in SESIS

May 2022 SESIS Newsletter:

Features and Fixes

  • Encounter Attendance reports are restored and available in SESIS
  • Encounter Attendance Service Records created before February 28 now display the correct student name and ID
  • Various documents are translated into the nine supported DOE languages